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For over 20 years Alliance for Education has striven to make sure that all students, regardless of background, achieve educational success within the public school system. Serving over fifty two thousand students, it is their mission to help every student shine bright and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in life. That is why it is such an honor to help them put together a one of a kind event to assist them in their goals of helping students succeed.


The event took place in the Fairmont Olympic hotel in downtown Seattle Washington, which provided us with a dynamic space to work with. With Halloween just around the corner it was a delight to create a spooky forest effect using orange red lights to cast dramatic shadows upon the decor, as well as, use GoBo designs to project a eerie haunted forest effect. Using a projector the moon was cast over the entrance to the main room and along with the forest effect it created a grand entrance to the main room.


It was a magical night, guests and volunteers dressed in costume, the decor reflected the spooky holiday, and where fun was had for a good cause. Every child deserves a chance for greatness and it was our delight to help others reach their goals so that more opportunities can be had.