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Every year the Tacoma Museum of Glass hosts a dinner event to raise money for the next year, guests have the opportunity to socialize and bid on an array of items. Our audio visual technicians worked with the museum to replicate their vision of walking into a red hot glass blowing furnace. Stokes provided the audio and visual displays, transforming the lobby into a whole different world.


Projection was used to cast images on the architecture of the room, creating melting pillars and bubbling metal walls.  Part of creating the transformation was working with the unique design of the space. A slanted wall of windows needed to be covered with floor to ceiling drape to block light so that the projected images were able to be seen. To further create a sense of entering a other world space, custom color schemes were created to enhance the red hot theme of the evening. Having the opportunity to conceive and build a unique setting to assist the museum with their goals is a great pleasure and we look forward to further developing the creative relationship.